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A novel based on the actual events of Erik B. Scott's murder on July 10, 2010, in Las Vegas, NV. When Las Vegas police officers unwittingly gun down a West Point graduate and current covert operations agent, then try to cover up their crime, they unleash the fury of Checkmate, a highly classified "black world" agency. It's an asymmetric war corrupt cops and their allies cannot win — and if Checkmate fails, America will erupt in armed revolt.

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Inside U.S. Strategic Command, top military commanders, space-company executives, and U.S. intelligence experts are conducting a DEADSATS II wargame, exploring how the loss of critical satellites could lead to nuclear war. The players don't know that the war they are gaming has already begun, miles above them in the lifeless, silent cold of space. Jam-packed with the actual systems and secret technologies the United States has or will soon field to protect its space assets, Space Wars describes a near-future nuclear nightmare that terrorists will relish but politicians prefer to ignore. In a quieter, more peaceful time, Space Wars would be an exciting work of fiction. But with the United States now at war, Space Wars is all too real.

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When North Korea detonates a nuclear weapon at the edge of space, silencing dozens of satellites, rogue nations seize a unique opportunity to strike. Overnight, national leaders robbed of spy satellite imagery are making decisions in the blind. An Iranian missile threatens to destroy Israel; a Venezuelan “research” satellite jeopardizes the lives of three astronauts, and tech-savvy terrorist cells unleash back-to-back horrors in California. The White House turns to U.S. Strategic Command and its team of Deadsat II wargamers, racing the clock to stave off international disaster. But power-hungry officials are undermining those attempts. With a B-2 bomber minutes from obliterating a Chinese laser-weapon site, and two U.S. aircraft carriers in China’s missile crosshairs, two great nations stand at the brink of nuclear war.

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U.S. Air Force’s Tight-Lip Policies Will Backfire

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A new generation of U.S. Air Force leaders is about to relearn a painful lesson its predecessors had mastered decades ago. Unfortunately, the process of learning that lesson will damage both the air service and countless careers.

As the Gazette’s Tom Roeder reported on March 14th (Gazette story prompts new Air Force secrecy efforts), USAF policymakers are tightening their grip on information released to the public, ostensibly to improve “Operational Security”. Evidently, high-level officials in the Pentagon—and possibly the White House West Wing—believe local Air Force leaders and their professional public affairs officers (PAO) are sharing too much information and must be reigned-in. Never mind that some of that info has been public knowledge for three years or more. It’s time to clam up, particularly when it comes to military space ops.

Seasoned news reporters have seen this old movie before and know exactly how it will end—not good for the Air Force and Trump Administration. Predictably, a fresh crop of generals, admirals and West Wing advisors apparently decided that secrecy and a death-grip on national security-related information makes perfect sense. After all, why let potential adversaries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran know a single thing about America’s warfighting capabilities? Tight-lips don’t sink ships or kill satellites, right? (more…)

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