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CyberWar: What if…?

  Warfighting has moved well beyond the realms of land, sea and air, and is now being waged daily in cyberspace. Over the past few decades, military units engaged primarily in computer network defense (CND) have focused on keeping low-level hackers and nation-state bad actors from penetrating critical U.S. systems. Cyber-warriors now cautiously launch limited […]

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YouTube Photo by “rks101010” William B. Scott Around 3:00 a.m. on July 10, 2020, I received a priceless blessing from the other side. It came in the form of a profound, vivid dream that’s now burned into memory. It often plays as a mental movie, recalled at will. The Dream:  My wife, Linda, and I […]

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10 July 2020  Today marks the tenth anniversary of my son, Erik Scott, being ruthlessly gunned down at the Summerlin Costco big-box store in Las Vegas, NV. His primary executioner was William Mosher, a scared-stiff, amped-up, substandard police officer, who should never have been issued a badge by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro). […]

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