NewsmaxTV “Midpoint” Interview – March 18, 2015

Lt. Col. Michael Bell and William B. Scott were interviewed by Ed Berliner on NewsmaxTV’s “Midpoint” show. Discussion focused on the application of proven aviation-sector protocols and practices to the law enforcement community as a means to deter police officers from shooting and killing innocent citizens.

  • John Szewczyk

    Hello,I heard you on Coast to Coast last night about the tragic shooting of your son.When I hear stories like this it sure gets my blood boiling to no end.I totally agree that we need investigations on every shooting incident like this here in America.I can’t figure these modern day policeman out.Many years ago when I lived in Chicago you had the men in blue,the ‘officer friendly’ policeman.To serve and protect.I seen these cops take on 4 guys with just a nightstick and bring law and order.Now they are dressed in black and bring in swat teams for an elderly lady with Alzheimer’s walking with a butter knife in her hand at a Walmart parking lot.A young boy could of handled that situation.I also agree with what you said about these new breed of policemen,they grew up with these damn video games and have rewired their once normal brain.They all shoot and murder first then ask questions later.They have become judge,juror,and executioner.
    It’s a sad story,and I am glad that you and Mike Bell have spoken up on these issues,and I thank you.God bless you and your family Mr. Scott.

  • 2shinyshoes

    I bought this book the last time Mr. Scott was interviewed on C2C. I was very sad to read the details, my heart goes out to the family and friends. The book was riveting, I stayed up all night and read it. I couldn’t put it down. I found the local government, Casino Bigwigs, Police Department and everyone who was so corrupt and gutless to speak up and tell the truth, repulsive. As the story unfolds, I feel that I’m sitting next to Mr. Scott, watching those dimwitted idiots, sworn to protect the public, slowly but surely meet their maker, after an enormous amount of Fear was put in their faces. I can’t get beyond this cold, calculating action, and the aftermath of the dirty affair. The very idea of a quick trip to neighboring Nevada to enjoy some Slots is no longer a trip my family will be taking. The thought of it is chilling. God Bless the Scott family, and give them Peace and Comfort.

  • cedarsagecatrina

    Nowadays , the cops interpret “to protect and serve” to mean that we exist to protect and serve THEM !

  • Bill Scott

    Many thanks, John. I appreciate the kind feedback!

  • Bill Scott

    Many thanks for reading the book and providing feedback, “Shoes!”