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Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie recently made national news as a “peacemaker,” who brokered a deal between the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a recalcitrant Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy. Backed by hundreds—possibly thousands—of supporters committed to preventing arrogant, heavily armed federal agents from driving his family off leased grassland, Bundy refused to knuckle […]

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As any experienced investigative reporter knows, the first tenet of uncovering corruption in public “officialdom” is “Follow the Money.” That dictum applies equally well to separating Clark County sheriff candidate(s), who have been bought and paid for by the Las Vegas “Cartel of Corruption,” from those who would break the Cartel’s hold on Southern Nevada […]

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The upcoming election will decide who will wear Clark County’s sheriff badge for the next four years, overseeing a half-billion-dollar annual budget and more than 2,600 sworn police officers. Voters will decide whether the county and Las Vegas continue to be plagued by a sheriff beholden to city/county power brokers and big-money elites, or one […]

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Mike McDaniel’s “Update 21” — THE WAGES OF SIN

The insightful Mike McDaniel, an experienced former police officer, has written yet another stellar update under “The Erik Scott Case” on his Stately McDaniel Manor website/blog. This piece focuses on the outrageous National Sheriffs Assn. “award” to Sheriff Dougie-Doo Gillespie: “No good deed goes unpunished.” Attributed to Clare Boothe Luce In reporting on the […]

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Militarizing U.S. Law Enforcement By Rachel Ehrenfeld, William ScottWednesday, July 31st, 2013 @ 2:29AM Introduction: The growing militarization of U.S. law enforcement agencies does not necessarily help to protect Americans in their homeland. Increasing the number of heavily armed uniformed policemen who abuse their power and even shoot to death innocent citizens is becoming a […]

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Discussion of “The Permit” on Jon Ralston’s “Face-to-Face” show

On July 10, the third anniversary of my son’s murder in Las Vegas, NV, Jon Ralston of Channel 3/KSNV kindly invited me on his “Face-to-Face” show to talk about Erik and “The Permit.” Here’s a link to that discussion (may have to scroll down to the July 10, 2013, show): the interview, I identified “Captain […]

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Stop Exaggerating the Threat to Cops (Radley Balko)

As stated in “The Permit,” cops are safer today than since the 1960s, but arrogant, selfish police unions and a lazy, complicit media’s reporters continue to justify and excuse killer-cops’ behavior by citing dangers to officers. A terrific writer, Radley Balko, documents the overt lies being promulgated by these self-interests in a new blog posting […]

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PR Web News Release & New Cover

 Contact: Lisa Mayo-DeRiso                 Mayo & Associates                 702.576.2659                                                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE PERMIT  Techno-Thriller Unveils the Most Dangerous Domestic-Terrorism Threat Facing America Today Written By William B. Scott and Inspired by the real-life murder  of his son, Erik Scott, By Las Vegas Police LAS VEGAS (March 28, 2013) […]

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“The Permit” Is Now an E-Book

A revised version of “The Permit” was recently published as an “e-book,” and is now available through  major commercial outlets, such as Apple’s iBookstore,, and e-book can be downloaded to commercial e-readers, such as the Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony, Kobo, etc., or as a PDF ( that can be read on a computer.The […]

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