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Liberty Imperiled – Welcome To Cop-Land

Guest Blog: Published on Zero Hedge ( By Tyler Durden Created 12/21/2015 – 21:30 [1] If you’ve been listening to various police agencies and their supporters, then you know what the future holds: anarchy is coming — and it’s all the fault of activists. In May, a Wall Street Journal op-ed warned of a “new nationwide […]

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Petulant Police & Politics

In the wake of Freddie Gray’s death, while in Baltimore police custody, City Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby quickly filed charges against six police officers. Now they’ve been indicted on various charges. Based on inconsistencies reported from the outset, one wonders whether these charges and indictments were merely eyewash to get infuriated Baltimore residents and outside agitators […]

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“Missing” Costco Security Video of Erik Scott Shooting

We’ve confirmed that the so-called “missing” Costco security-system video of my son’s fatal shooting in 2010 has been seen by numerous Las Vegas police officers, and definitely exists at Costco’s headquarters. This new Facebook page gives honest, conscientious employees an avenue to get a copy of that video data to me. Please help spread the […]

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Testimony: Mandate BodyCams on Nevada Police Officers

Taser International – AXON Body Camera   The following testimony was presented to the Nevada State Assembly’s Government Affairs Committee on March 31, 2015:   Nevada State Assembly Bill  AB403 Testimony — William B. Scott My eldest son, Erik Scott, might be alive today, if Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. officers had been required to […]

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In the wake of grand jury decisions to not indict two police officers, who killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner, persistent protests erupted across the United States. These led to senseless attacks against police officers, including two New York City cops, killed as they sat in their patrol car. Unfortunately, such reprehensible, inexcusable shootings were […]

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FERGUSON II: Cops Killed Credibility

The violence, rioting and destruction that followed the grand jury’s decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown is inexcusable mayhem fomented by race-baiting anarchists. Criticizing and second-guessing 12 citizens, who served in good faith as grand jurors, also is an exercise in futility, because only those people were privy […]

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CHECKMATE JUSTICE: Disgusting Police ‘Probe’ 

In “The Permit,” top U.S. government leaders, alarmed by a sharp rise in the number of Americans being shot and killed by police officers, reluctantly designate corrupt cops as domestic terrorists. “Checkmate,” a Department of Homeland Security black operations team of assassins charged with neutralizing terrorist sleeper cells, employs unique, high-technology means to take out […]

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What’s Going On With Our Police?

By Dr. Chuck Baldwin Guest Editorial, Reprinted with permission. What’s going on with our police? More and more, it seems that our men in blue have been transformed from a friendly neighborhood peace office, whose mission is to protect and serve, to a hostile military force, whose mission is to harass and intimidate. I am going […]

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RESTORE HONOR:  Police Unions’ Arrogance Breeds Violence

As Ferguson, MO, braces for anticipated demonstrations, after a grand jury releases its decision in the Michael Brown officer-involved-shooting case, the national news media is mistakenly focusing on the so-called “race issue.” Television wags are pointing fingers at white “activists,” who allegedly have come from Chicago to rile up the black community and trigger another […]

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RESTORE HONOR: Serpico — “Police Are Still Out of Control”

This outstanding article was penned by Frank Serpico, a New York Police Department detective, who refused to take part in the rampant corruption that plagues American law enforcement agencies. An excellent 1973 movie exposed NYPD corruption by graphically depicting what this courageous hero endured. To this day, outlaw cops blame Serpico for simply being an honest police officer, who takes his oath […]

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